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Foreign language sales video DVD production, foreign language interactive multimedia CD-ROM production, foreign language versions of  export marketing presentations.  Translation, localisation, production service for exporters and multinationals for marketing presentations at overseas exhibitions, sales presentations, conferences from award-winning multimedia and video producer, Enlightenment Interactive

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EU study languages for export marketing

To assume that every customer in Europe was taught foreign languages at school and speaks fluent English is a mistake. That is one lesson exporters can draw from a Eurobarometer survey produced for the European Commission and involving over 26,000 interviews in all EU member countries. In fact, 56% of EU citizens are able to hold a conversation in a language other than mother tongue, europeans and their languages reportbut they are not necessarily the people making the buying decisions. The survey finds that a “multilingual European is likely to be young, well-educated or still studying, born in a country other than the country of residence, who uses foreign languages for professional reasons and is motivated to learn.” In other words, if your buyer is middle-aged and still living in the country of their birth and doesn't regularly do business with the British, their English may be rusty and not up to understanding the details of a technical product.

If you conduct a business meeting in English, you are most likely to be well understood in Sweden, Malta and the Netherlands. You are least likely to get the message across in Italy, Hungary, Spain and Portugal. If you are selling in these countries, translated brochures and foreign language versions of videos, websites or multimedia CD presentations are a must.

You will not be surprised to learn that the British are some of the worst linguists in Europe, second only to the Irish. 62% of Brits cannot manage a conversation in any language other than English.

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