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Foreign language sales video DVD production, foreign language interactive multimedia CD-ROM production, foreign language versions of  export marketing presentations.  Translation, localisation, production service for exporters and multinationals for marketing presentations at overseas exhibitions, sales presentations, conferences from award-winning multimedia and video producer, Enlightenment Interactive

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e-presentation multimedia CD video DVD

power of e-Presentation multimedia CD video DVD

The great strengths of digital media such as interactive CD-ROM or video DVD in foreign languages are that:

  • they are extremely flexible, in that you can jump instantly to sections of the presentation that most interest your customer
  • they are universal, particularly if you choose CD-ROM rather than DVD video, which can be subject to variations in local standards interactive multimedia
  • replication is inexpensive, so you can leave copies with your customers and distributors
  • an exhibition display mode can be programmed in, so that the presentation will run continuously on an exhibition stand
  • since the presentation consist of a sequence of digital files, updating a presentation to insert new products or an amended video clip or voiceover is rapid and inexpensive
  • they allow you to make a convincing sales presentation in the customer's own language
  • they can be designed to be multi-purpose, for a variety of audiences, for both sales presentations and sales training for your distributors, etc ...
  • they allow you to show an explainer video of your product or service in action, using stills, video or 3-D computer animation

examples of foreign language video multimedia

This page shows how we might go about creating a multi-language CD-ROM or DVD for you. Assume we start with some video, whether newly made for the project or something you already have. foreign language multimedia menuObviously, the next step is to allow your audience to choose in which language they would like to view your presentation. This very simple language menu achieves that without need for any text instructions.

Next, it may be important to check that they have a PC that is capable of running a "media rich" presentation with video and a soundtrack. The screen below shows our standard set-up screen for a CD-ROM, the text of which is displayed in whichever language they have chosen. Clicking on the first button triggers a short video clip. multimedia CD-ROM installation screenIf they can see and hear this, we are in business. If not, they need to check they have a soundcard, speakers or headphones, and some means of playing video. Usually the latter is Microsoft Media Player, which is part of recent versions of Windows. If they do not have this, it can be installed from the disk.

If your disk is to carry a variety of items, for example a number of video clips and a gallery of product photos, you will need a content menu. Alternatively, if you are just providing a single video (which can be a production you already have, not necessarily a new one) you can go straight to thevideo on multimedia CD-ROM screen that will display the video. We can provide video player controls so that you can start, stop and enlarge the image.

Creating multimedia need not be an expensive process. To get an idea of cost, simply select one of the "Click for a Quote" buttons above.

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