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Foreign language sales video DVD production, foreign language interactive multimedia CD-ROM production, foreign language versions of  export marketing presentations.  Translation, localisation, production service for exporters and multinationals for marketing presentations at overseas exhibitions, sales presentations, conferences from award-winning multimedia and video producer, Enlightenment Interactive

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Portable DVD players


local television standards formats and languages spoken

local tv standards formats languages

Why is this important in export marketing?

If you or your customers view foreign language sales video via a tv set, the picture will need to match the local broadcast television standard.  This is not an issue if you are viewing video or multimedia on a computer.  Also, in SECAM territories, a PAL DVD will work - although a VHS tape would need to be SECAM unless played on a multi-standard machine.


TV standard


1st languages

Other European languages

Australia www.australia.com  (Tourist info) www.uk.emb.gov.au (British High Commission, Canberra) PAL 220/240v adaptor may be needed as 3-pin  sockets not UK pattern English  
Austria www.austria-tourism.at (Tourist info) www.britishembassy.at (British Embassy, Vienna) PAL 220v, standard 2-pin European socket German  
Belgium www.visitbelgium.com   (Tourist info) www.british-embassy.be (British Embassy, Brussels) PAL 220v, standard 2-pin European socket French, Flemish  
Brazil www.brazil.org.uk    (Tourist info, embassy) www.gra-bretanha.org.br (British Embassy, Brasilia) PAL-M tv  but DVDs are NTSC 110/127/220 varies by area Portuguese  
Brunei www.visitbrunei.com (Tourist info) www.britain-brunei.org (British High Commission, Brunei Darussalam) PAL B 220/240v sockets vary Malay, Chinese English 
Canada www.canadatourism.com (Tourist info) www.britain-in-canada.org (British High Commission, Ottawa) NTSC 120/240 English, French  
China www.cnta.com (Tourist org.) www.britishembassy.org.cn (British Embassy, Beijing) PAL 230/240v      2 and 3-pin sockets Mandarin, Cantonese  
Cyprus www.cyprustourism.org (Tourist info) tel+357(2)861100 (British High Commission, Nicosia) PAL/SECAM 240 Greek, Turkish English
Denmark www.visitdenmark.com (Tourist info) www.britishembassy.dk (British Embassy, Copenhagen) PAL 220v, standard 2-pin European socket  Danish English, German
Egypt www.touregypt.net www.britishembassy.org.eg  (British Embassy, Cairo) SECAM(V) 220v, some 110v in rural areas Arabic English
Finland www.mek.fi (Tourist info) www.ukembassy.fi (Helsinki) PAL 220v, standard 2-pin European socket  Finnish English, Swedish
France www.franceguide.com (Tourist info) www.amb-grandebretagne.fr (British Embassy, Pari) SECAM(V) 220v, mostly standard 2-pin European socket  French some English
Germany www.germany-tourism.de www.britishebotschaft.de (British Embassy, Berlin) PAL B/G 220v, standard 2-pin European socket  German English, French
Greece www.antor.com/greece (Tourist info) www.british-embassy.gr  (Athens) PAL 220v, standard 2-pin European socket  Greek English, French
Hong Kong (China) www.hkta.org/uk (Tourist info) www.britishconsulate.org.hk  PAL 200v Cantonese English
India www.indiatouristoffice.org www.ukinindia.org (British High Commission, New Delhi) PAL 220/230v 2- and 3-pin sockets, DC current in some areas Hindi and others English
Indonesia www.tourismindonesia.com www.britain-in-indonesia.or.id (British Embassy, Jakarta) PAL 220v but some 110v Indonesian English, Dutch
Iran www.irantourism.org tel+98(21)6705011 (British Embassy, Tehran) SECAM(H) 220v round 2-pin sockets Farsi English, French
Ireland www.ireland.travel.ie www.britishembassy.ie (British Embassy, Dublin) PAL 220v, 3-pin socket English (Gaelic is official but minority language)  
Israel www.infotour.co.il (Tourist info) www.britemb.org.il (British Embassy, Tel Aviv) PAL 220v, 3-pin socket Hebrew, Arabic English
Italy www.enit.it (Tourist info) www.ukintalia.it (British Embassy, Rome) PAL 220v Italian English, French, German
Japan www.jnto.go.jp (Tourist info) www.uknow.or.jp (British Embassy, Tokyo) NTSC 100v 50/60Hz, flat 2-pin socket Japanese English
Kenya www.kenyatourism.org www.britain.or.ke (British High Commission, Nairobi) PAL 240v, UK style round 2-pin and flat 3-pin sockets Swahili English
Korea (South) www.knto.or.kr (Tourist info) www.britain.or.kr (British Embassy, Seoul) NTSC 220v, some 110v Korean  
Libya PAL 127/220 Arabic  
Luxembourg www.luxembourg.co.uk (Tourist info) tel+352229864 (British Embassy) PAL 220v French, German English
Malaysia www.tourism.gov.my www.britain.org.my (British High Commission, Kuala Lumpur) PAL 220v, square 3-pin socket Malay, also Chinese, Tamil English
Mexico www.mexicotravel.co.uk www.embajadabritanica.co.mx (British Embassy, Mexico DF) NTSC 110v, US flat 2-pin socket Spanish (LatAm) English
Netherlands www.holland.com (Tourism) www.britain.nl (British Embassy, The Hague) PAL 220v, standard 2-pin European socket  Dutch English, German, French
New Zealand www.purenz.com (Trade) www.nztb.govt.nz (Tourism) www.brithighcomm.org.nz (British High Commission, Wellington) PAL 230/240v English, Maori  
Nigeria www.nigeriahouse.uk.com (N High Commission, London) tel+234(1)2625930 (Brit Dep High Commission, Lagos) PAL 220/250v Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa (English is official language) English
Norway www.visitnorway.com www.britain.no (British Embassy, Oslo) PAL 220v, standard 2-pin European socket  Norwegian English

Oman www.mocioman.org (Tourist info) www.britishembassy.gov.uk/oman

tel 609000 (British Embassy, Muscat)

PAL 220/240v Arabic English
Pakistan www.tourism.gov.pk tel+92(51)822131 (British High Commission, Islamabad) PAL 220v round 2- and 3-pin sockets Urdu, Punjabi English
Poland www.infolinia.pl (Tourist info) www.britishembassy.pl (British Embassy, Warsaw) SECAM 220v, standard 2-pin European socket  Polish English, Russian
Portugal www.portugal.org (Tourism) tel+351(21)3924000 (British Embassy, Lisbon) PAL 220v, standard 2-pin European socket, but some 220DC and 110vAC Portuguese English
Russian Federation www.intourist.co.uk www.britemb.msk.ru (British Embassy, Moscow) SECAM(V) 220v Russian  
Saudi Arabia www.saudinf.com (Saudi info centre) tel+966(1)4880077 (British Embassy, Riyadh) SECAM(H) 125/215v Arabic English
South Africa www.southafrica.net (Tourist info) www.britain.org.za (British High Commission, Pretoria/Tshwane) PAL 220/230v also some 250v in Pretoria, round 3-pin socket English, Afrikaans  
Spain www.tourspain.es tel+34(91)7008200 (British Embassy, Madrid) PAL 220v, standard 2-pin European socket (mostly) Spanish, Catalan  
Sweden www.visit-sweden.com (Tourism) www.britishembassy.com  PAL 220/230v, standard 2-pin European socket  Swedish English
Switzerland www.myswitzerland.com (Tourist info) www.british-embassy-berne.ch  PAL 220v German, French, Italian  
Taiwan www.trboc.gov.tw and www.tva.org.tw (Tourism)  NTSC 110v Mandarin, Taiwanese English
Thailand www.tourismthailand.org www.britishemb.or.th (British Embassy, Bangkok) PAL 220v, 2-pin European and US sockets Thai English
Turkey  www.turizm.gov.tr (Tourist) tel+90(312)4686230 (British Embassy, Ankara) PAL 220v Turkish English, French, German
UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) www.dubaitourism.com tel+971(2)6326600 (British Embassy, Abu Dhabi) PAL? 220/240v mostly square 3-pin sockets Arabic English
Ukraine www.intourist.com www.britemb.ukraine.net (British Embassy, Kyiv) SECAM(V) 220v Ukrainian, Russian  
U S A www.britainusa.com (British Embassy, Washington) NTSC 120v flat 2-pin socket English  

NOTES: This information has been compiled with care and cross checked with a number of sources, but we cannot guarantee that it is 100% up to date. Please advise us of any changes or inaccuracies you may discover.

As you probably know, there are wide differences within languages, for example between the Spanish and Portuguese spoken in Europe and in Central and South America. Always advise your translator where your presentation will be made.

Even where we have indicated that English or another European language is widely used as a second language, do not assume that more than a small percentage of the population is totally fluent; even fewer will have a full command of any English technical terms that may be in your presentation.

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