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Foreign language sales video DVD production, foreign language interactive multimedia CD-ROM production, foreign language versions of  export marketing presentations.  Translation, localisation, production service for exporters and multinationals for marketing presentations at overseas exhibitions, sales presentations, conferences from award-winning multimedia and video producer, Enlightenment Interactive

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interactive multimedia CD video DVD production

foreign language multimedia video production

Which platform will meet your needs for an export marketing presentation or exhibition display? This decision will be a balancing act between:

  • the platforms available to yourself and your customers (eg. do you have a laptop, do your customers have multimedia capable PCs or DVD players, do you share a broadband connection...?)
  • the nature of the product or service you are selling
  • whether you have existing resources such as video, stills or an existing multi-language website, which can be incorporated or linked to the presentation
  • your budget vs the potential value of the market

An important note: because of the enormous flexibility of multimedia, you do not need to make the same choice for all of your foreign language markets. Interactive CD-ROM or dvd-ROM may suit one market, foreign language sales video on DVD another. Nor do you need to produce all the material in one hit, although there may be economies of scale if you do.

interactive multimedia CD-ROM

Advantages of foreign language multimedia CD-ROM or DVD-ROM:

  • "Media Rich" allowing you to present a wide variety of material, using video, audio, stills, graphics, text.
    Good capacity: up to 650MB or 4.7GB of media with instant access
  • Highly interactive interactive multimedia CD-ROM
  • Universal medium, no problem with local video standards
  • Media can also be loaded onto the hard disk of your laptop
  • Flexible, can interface with internet sites and carry data for common applications such as Powerpoint, Excel, etc


  • Requires multimedia capable PC or laptop
  • Video likely to be one third to half screen size
  • Not instantly updatable (although hybrid disks can look up the latest data from your web site)

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