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Foreign language sales video DVD production, foreign language interactive multimedia CD-ROM production, foreign language versions of  export marketing presentations.  Translation, localisation, production service for exporters and multinationals for marketing presentations at overseas exhibitions, sales presentations, conferences from award-winning multimedia and video producer, Enlightenment Interactive

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Benefits of Portable DVD Players


Technical considerations aside, size and weight are probably the most important characteristics of any portable electronic device. Portable DVD players, nowadays, are sufficiently compact, and lightweight, to be used in cramped, and - if equipped with appropriate headphones - noisy, environments, such as crowded trains, or aircraft, as well as having applications in the home, and just about anywhere else.

Portable DVD Player Features & Benefits

A typical portable DVD player has a screen measuring between 7" and 9" inches, diagonally, and weighs in at around 2lbs, or 3lbs - much smaller, and lighter, than even the smallest laptop - and offers a battery life in excess of 3 hours. This means that it is ideal for use whilst travelling, even on fairly long journeys, and can be carried, unobtrusively, in hand luggage. Not only is a portable DVD player also more affordable than a laptop, but the whole of its operation is devoted to the single task of playing back DVD content. This means that there are no "background" processes running - to interfere with its performance, or to shorten the life of its batteries - and the range of connectivity options is wider than that offered by a laptop.

Battery life is, of course, all-important in a portable electronic device; given that the average DVD film, for example, is 2 hours, or more, in length, a battery life of less than, say, 2 hours is unlikely to be very satisfactory, and neither is the prospect of lugging a large, heavy player, or a replacement battery.

One of the great advantages of a portable DVD player over a laptop is the fact that it need not be used, solely, whilst travelling, and offers the option of connection to a television set, or entertainment system, in your home, or a hotel, for example. Indeed, many portable DVD players, nowadays, offer "progressive" scanning - a process by which all the horizontal lines that make up an image are drawn in one, single pass - which produces smooth, flicker-free images, not quite on a par with HDTV, but certainly better than traditional, "interlaced" scanning.

With regard to the DVD media that can be played back on a portable DVD player, some DVD media is still "region encoded" - that is, it can only be played back on a portable DVD player with the same encoding - as a method of protection against piracy, and release date issues. "Region 1", for example, corresponds to the United States, and Canada, "Region 2" to Europe, Japan, South Africa, etc., and so on for other regions of the world. DVD media designated "Region 0" may be played back in any portable DVD player, and a player designated "multi-region" should play back media from any region.

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